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Homeowners – Welcome to Home Saves Today.  Please don’t confuse us with other home saver companies.  Any other name, company, or website is not us.  We only go by Home Savers Today so don’t be fooled or tricked by scammers!

We have all experienced deep trouble with this recent economic downturn, the Great Recession!  We have some suggestions below that will help you through your process.

Legal Help and Education


Alabama – just an example of what you might do in your State!
Ask a Lawyer Online – Just Answer – This will forever change the legal game!

Your mortgage company is a big pain in the azz and the legal system costs way more than you can afford at this point in your life.  We have found a solution that will answer all your legal questions for about $50 per month instead of $400 per hour.  You can sign up for Just Answer for one month or a few months and then quit any time and then pick it back up any time.  I am using their services and have ask multiple attorneys many questions and even had them debate with each other over the answers they didn’t agree on.  That process would cost way more than $400 per hour and you get it here for approximately $50 per month unlimited.

Our first advice is don’t let any foreclosure help companies charge you any upfront fees because that is totally illegal.  Depending on your location we do recommend NACA as another company option for helping you out.

We at Home Savers Today can help you save your home from foreclosure by purchasing it, making your mortgage payments for you which will increase your credit score saving your credit as well.  We know your first choice is not to sell your home.  That should be your last choice and we are here to help if selling your home becomes your choice.

We hope some of the solutions we have provide above helps speed you to a faster recovery.  Don’t let the mortgage companies steal your home!

 Just Contact Us if you need any more help or have more questions